Alaska's Skyline Accommodations observes Ecologically Friendly Practices

Our ethics and respect for the environment encourage us to manage our accommodations in the same way we manage our home.  We provide guests with a clean and healthy place to stay, and give you the choice to recycle, compost, or continue our green practices during your stay.

  • Cleaning Products: We approach housecleaning from the perspective of not using harsh or harmful-to-people chemicals or cleaning styles. That includes not using perfumed or scented laundry supplies, carpet cleaners, cleaning supplies, or air fresheners.

  • Allergies:  We know many guests have chemical sensitivities and allergies to airborne particles that may reside in carpets, drapes, or bedding.  All mattresses are protected against dust mites with high quality allergy-free zippered casings. We have leather furniture and berber carpet in several of the livingrooms.  We use blinds instead of drapes in all our units.  We adhere to a strict NO PET policy. 

  • Composting:  Each unit with a kitchen has a small compost container.  Behind the house is a well-maintained compost bin where you have the option of disposing of your kitchen food scraps.  A biological decomposition of solid organic materials by bacteria, fungi, and other organisims into a soil-like product is better than throwing it out in the garbage.  This enrichment not only nourishes the soil but also helps increase moisture retention and thus decrease the need for additional watering. 

  • Paper Products: We use biodergradable paper products, such as paper towels, toilet paper, and tissue. Most are also compostable. 

  • We use 100% Cotton Towels and Linens: Cotton products don't add VOCs to the air, thus helping air quality in the guest suites where they are used. Towels and linens that are a blend of cotton and synthetic fabrics aren't sustainable because of their reliance on petrochemicals. 

  • Donating to Charity: One often overlooked aspect of recycling is what to do with sheets, towels, furniture, carpeting, window coverings, appliances, bedspreads, etc that aren't useable or useful to the property any longer. We donate these items to our local charities as another great way to have the goods reused and keep the items out of the landfill. 

  •  All units contain premium quality durable (not disposable) dishes, cups, glasses, mugs, tableware, and serving pieces that are long-lasting.

  •  Energy Conservation: Reducing the amount of energy used, for example, through the use of energy efficient lighting and appliances, turning off lights and appliances when not in use and using insulation and weather stripping. This may also be referred to as energy efficiency. It is possible to dramatically reduce energy consumption for powering our homes and buildings (and cars) without major sacrifices. This lessens our dependency on non-renewable resources and reduce the costs connected with excessive energy use.

  • Recycle Bins: We provide each guest suite with special containers for newspapers, glass, cardboard, and plastic so they can put these items here instead of in the trash. 

  • Maintenance for Conservation: We replace our older wasteful fixtures (light bulbs, old toilets that use lots of water in their flushing, old shower heads and faucets that allow more than 2 gallons/minutes through) and appliances (like refrigerator and freezers, ice machines, washing machines and dryers, air conditioners, furnaces/heaters, and computers) as they break or wear out, with new efficient LED fixtures and appliances. 

  • Non-Smoking Rooms: All guest suites are guaranteed to be safe from the pollution of smoking. Our accommodations are entirely SMOKE-FREE. Once a room has been smoked in, it's very difficult to clean it enough to get rid of the odor that so many people are sensitive to.